Civil Society Must Pressure Governments to “Seal the Deal” in Copenhagen

Join the call for a global climate deal at TckTckTck.orgIn April 2009, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon launched the United Nation’s international climate change campaign under the title “Seal the Deal!” This campaign is about mobilizing political leaders, the business sector, NGOs, women’s groups, youth organizations and civil society around the issue of climate change to ensure that a definitive, fair, balanced and effective climate agreement is reached when governments meet in Copenhagen from 7-18 December, 2009.  Seal the Deal! is about drumming up support at every level within the global community for urgent and united action on climate change. The significance of climate change in our world today is undisputed: countries all over the world are seeing its effects and are concerned about the devastating effects it could have on future generations. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has stressed the importance of immediate and serious action to fight the climate crisis, describing it as “the defining challenge of our generation.”

The latest scientific research shows that the climate is changing more rapidly than expected-~millions of people are already suffering from its effects. Nine out of every ten disasters recorded are now climate related. The impacts of climate change are already being felt in the most fragile ecosystems around the world such as coral reefs and mountain habitats. Twenty to thirty percent of species on earth also face an increased risk of extinction as wildlife and biological life confronts new challenges from climate change. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warns that, “the time for delays and half-measures is over. The personal leadership of every head of state or government is needed to seize this moment to protect people and the planet from one of the most serious challenges ever to confront humanity.”

What Can You Do?

Visit: and add your name to the list of global citizens for climate action. Tell world leaders that you are ready for a global climate deal that is fair, ambitious and binding. Then click on “Do More” to learn ways that you can recruit your friends to support this campaign, follow UN climate change negotiations, follow your country or adopt a negotiator.


4 thoughts on “Civil Society Must Pressure Governments to “Seal the Deal” in Copenhagen”

  1. Is global climate change really “the challenge of our generation”? What about the salvation of souls? Where does that fit into the picture? What is the proper order of priorities for a Catholic and a Passionist? How does a focus on climate change (“the challenge of our generation”) serve to keep the Passion of Jesus Christ ever in our hearts???

  2. By the way, I understand the potential impact of climate change on the well being of human persons and societies. I’m not saying that it’s unimportant. It just bothers me when I see Catholics jump on the climate change bandwagon to the exclusion of the one thing that is necessary: bringing souls to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

  3. The Passionists have never excluded bringing souls to Christ from their mission. Most Passionist priests, brothers and sisters minister in parishes, retreat centers, schools. hospitals, prisons, etc.

    You asked about the ‘Memory of the Passion.’ Many Passionists minister in some of the poorest and most remote places on the planet. There we see the effects of climate change making the lives of those who already live in poverty even harder. St.Paul of the Cross, our founder, said “You will find the name of Jesus engraved on the faces of the poor.”

    Today, Passionists desire to deepen our option to continue “growing in solidarity with the crucified of today, sharing with them our conviction of the power of the Cross.”

    The Passionist community sent me to minister at the UN. My job is to support, at the level of policy and with the ability to interact with various governments, what our members are doing on the ground, so that’s what my blog is about.

    Did you read Pope Benedict’s message on the Roman Catholic Church’s World Day of Peace? He said,”Climate change and natural catastrophes threaten the rights to life, food, health — and ultimately peace.”

  4. Sister Mary Ann,

    Thank you for your reply. I must confess to being a “traditionalist” Catholic, which means that “social justice” commentary tends to raise a red flag in my mind. My wife, on the other hand, is very attuned to social justice issues and likes to knock me off my traditionalist high horse from time to time. She doesn’t know anything about the Passionists, and if she did, she’d be surprised at my interest. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

    God bless,


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