Prosecute those who authorized torture


Last night I watched Torturing Democracy on PBS and was simultaneously horrified, nauseated and ashamed. This film, which you can watch in its entirety at the address above, documents in excruciating detail the way that the Bush administration broke both United States and international law, including the Geneva Convention and cynically lied about it.

In your name and mine, the Bush administration tortured human beings using methods that were once employed by the Inquisition, the Nazis, the KGB and the Viet Cong.

Once you have finished watching the film and are done throwing up please join me in emailing President Obama and asking him to prosecute those responsible for these atrocities. It is important we ensure that this never happens again.

President Barack Obama
fax: 202-456-2461


2 thoughts on “Prosecute those who authorized torture”

  1. I’ve watched that film, also, and had the same reaction. I also read Jane Mayer’s book “The Dark Side.” It’s shocking that all this was going on…and with so many people aware of it. I agree that they should be prosecuted.

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