FRONTLINE: Where women are flogged… | PBS

Everyone has probably seen this video on the internet by now.

Earlier this evening PBS aired, Children of the Taliban, on FRONTLINE here in New York. It was filmed in the part of Pakistan where the beating shown in the video above took place.

In the Swat Valley, where the Taliban now has a fearsome lockhold on one million people (thanks to a recent deal with the government allowing the militants to impose strict Sharia law) correspondent Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy meets two little girls. And they are unafraid to talk to her about what is happening.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Two interviews shown later in the program made my blood run cold. In the first, PBS correspondent Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy spoke with a young madrasa student about the place of women. The boy told her that according to the Quran, women are only for taking care of the home and should stay in the home. “Why are women wandering around on the streets”, he asked. Then he likened women to plastic bags, which have been banned in Pakistan. “You don’t see them anymore, do you? They should do the same with women.”

The other interview was with a Taliban official responsible for recruiting and training children. This man, who had the deadest eyes I have ever seen and was was almost zombie like, trains boys as young as four years old to handle weapons and explained that he would willingly sacrifice their lives to further the aims of the Taliban.

This 30 minute investigative report is memorable and should make any freedom loving people think hard about compromising with the Taliban in any way.


2 thoughts on “FRONTLINE: Where women are flogged… | PBS”

  1. I had seen that flogging video and it is very disturbing. The woman being flogged is actually a 17-year-old girl who, if I remember correctly, did not want to marry someone she was being told to marry and that is why she was flogged.

    It seems that the rights of women and children throughout the world are getting worse and not better. This is what fear, hatred, poverty, joblessness, and aggression do…create violence and men take away the rights of women and children in hopes of propping up their own fragile stances in the world.

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