Today is International Free the Slaves Awareness Day

In November, in a post entitled, Saving Girls in New York from the Life, I wrote about domestically trafficked and commercially exploited girls in New York City. Since then, the United States Justice Department has released some shocking new statistics revealing the extent of human trafficking in this country. These statistics show that the typical slave in the United States today is an American girl, a female American citizen under the age of 17.

The Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 (TVPA), and its reauthorizations in 2003, 2005, and 2008 define a human trafficking victim as a person induced to perform labor or a commercial sex act through force, fraud, or coercion. Any person under age 18 who performs a commercial sex act is considered a victim of human trafficking, regardless of whether force, fraud, or coercion was present.

  • 83% of the reported human trafficking incidents involved allegations of sex trafficking.
  • Labor trafficking accounted for 12% of incidents, and other or unknown forms of human trafficking made up the remaining 5%.
  • About a third 32% of the 1,229 alleged human trafficking incidents involved sex trafficking of children.
  • Over 90% of victims in both alleged and confirmed human trafficking incidents were female.
  • Hispanic victims comprised the largest share 37% of alleged sex trafficking victims and more than half 56% of alleged labor trafficking victims.
  • Asians made up 10% of alleged sex trafficking victims, compared to 31% of labor trafficking victims.
  • Approximately two-thirds of victims in alleged human trafficking incidents were age 17 or younger.
  • Sex trafficking victims tended to be younger (71% were under age 25) and labor trafficking victims tended to be older (almost 70% were age 25 or older).
  • Slightly more than half of all victims in alleged human trafficking incidents were U.S. citizens. U.S. citizens accounted for 63% of sex trafficking victims, compared to 4%  of labor trafficking victims.

View the whole report from the Justice Department at:

To find out what you can do to combat modern day slavery in the United States visit:


6 thoughts on “Today is International Free the Slaves Awareness Day”

  1. Wow! This is wonderful. Good work! I’m glad we both got our posts up for Bloggers Unite and Free The Slaves Awareness Day.

    Since you are, obviously, interested in raising awareness on how trafficking affects children, you may want to consider submitting a post to THE BLOG CARNIVAL AGAINST CHILD ABUSE which I founded and maintain. Your posts would be a great awareness-raising addition! Thanks, in advance, for considering.

  2. This is a great post with a lot of good information about a heartbreaking topic. To think that there are 27 million slaves worldwide…so many people living in fear, imprisoned either physically and/or emotionally, beaten, violated, and treated worse than an animal…it is difficult to understand how money can have more value than human lives.

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