Diary of a Pakistani Schoolgirl

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Diary of a Pakistani schoolgirl (ii).

How does it feel to be a girl living in Swat, Pakistan where you can be killed for attending school? Last month, a local Taliban commander there issued a threat to kill every girl attending classes after January 15 and to destroy the schools they are enrolled in.

A Pakistani 7th grade schoolgirl is keeping a diary. Here’s an excerpt:

I am quite bored sitting at home following the closures of schools.

Some of my friends have left Swat because the situation here is very dangerous. I do not leave home. At night Maulana Shah Dauran (the Taleban cleric who announced the ban on girls attending school) once again warned females not to leave home.

Sad reading . . .

Where is Swat?


One thought on “Diary of a Pakistani Schoolgirl”

  1. Swat its called Switzerland of Pakistan, what happened in swat no one can believe, everything come to an end, a ordinary life of one local individual is lifeless, what our leaders are doing? There are making fun on it??? It’s not time to compose political principles
    I want to appeal to all pray for our Pakistan and Pakistani people and also pray that our leaders get some sense to effort for Pakistan, they are member of staff of Pakistan they should work for Pakistan not for their own profit

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