Stand up for Aisha!

On October 27 2008, in Somalia, 13-year old Aisha Duhulow was stoned by fifty men until she died in front of crowd of more than one thousand spectators. Before her murder, Aisha Duhulow had been raped by three men, and when her family reported the rape she was accused of adultery and sentenced to the stoning.

The Working Group on Girls,, has a group on Facebook to raise awareness, especially among young people, not only about what happened to Aisha, but about violence against women and girls everywhere. We are hoping to have at 1000 people join our group by January 28, the four month anniversary of Aisha’s death, when we will black out our pages in her memory.

If you belong to Facebook please be one of 1000 to “Stand up for Aisha” at:

After you join, please share the group on your profile page!


2 thoughts on “Stand up for Aisha!”

  1. I will join the facebook group right now! I can’t believe this things happen… we live in a civilizated world! It makes me feel hate for those people…

    Don’t oyu know the facebook’s name?
    well bye and nice site by the way, would u visit mine?

  2. I wrote about what happened to Aisha on my blog and it has had the most hits of any blog posts I have written. Obviously the outrageous stoning of this 13-year-old girl has touched a lot of people all over the world. Thanks for writing about her and for the link to the Facebook page and

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