President-elect Obama Wants Your Advice!

via The Obama-Biden Transition Team | momentvision

Houston Obama mural
Houston Obama mural

I don’t remember a President-elect ever inviting people to share their vision for America and the world with him. Believe it or not, President-elect Obama is asking. Visit the Obama-Biden Transition team website where he is asking you to submit suggestions for his new administration.

You might want to take the opportunity to urge him to attend the UN climate change treaty negotiations to be held in Poznań, Poland in December.

Eight years of inaction on the part of the Bush administration has left us with very little time to stop the worst effects of global warming. By personally attending the UN climate change talks, President-elect Obama would signal that the United States is ready to join the fight against global warming and contribute to the success of the talks. His presence would also raise awareness about climate change here in the US.


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